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Why is IV Therapy Great for Just About Anybody

Iv Drip Hanging On A Pole In Hospital
At Beautologie we see the relation of External Beauty and Internal Health as being greatly intertwined.  Our Vitality and Appearance have a natural synergy.  IV therapy is designed to optimize our health and beauty in the most direct way possible. 
IV therapy ensures we receive 100% of the vital nutrients our bodies depend on to thrive.  Our digestive system even at peak efficiency can not get close.  Not to mention over 50% of the population has some sort of digestive ailment impeding proper nutrient absorption.  With pills and liquids, you never really know what you are getting and are particularly poorly absorbed by the gut. 
The benefits of IV Drip therapy are countless including detoxification, improved hydration, immune support, hangover resolution and even to help restore a natural glow to your skin.  

By directly infusing this super cocktail of nutrients directly into your bloodstream,  you obtain immediate benefits all the while obtaining the treatment in a relaxing spa like environment.  Most clients tell us they are energized for days after each treatment and the effects are compounded over time.