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September 2011 Newsletter
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By Dr. Brett Lehocky

Usually if you hate your nose, someone else in your family does too.  You might look in the mirror and say, “gee thanks dad, why couldn’t I have gotten mom’s nose?”  If you don’t like the nose handed down to you, you may consider Rhinoplasty surgery, also known as a nose job. Rhinoplasty can change the look of your nose by making it smaller, removing a bump or hump, straightening it or just making it match the rest of your face as you would like to see it.  In some cases, Rhinoplasty is the best option because you have broken your nose or suffer from a deviated septum.  Having the nose reshaped may be medically necessary.

When you meet with your physician, be open and honest about what you expect and how you envision your new nose.  By looking at photographs and evaluating the features of your face, you should have a pretty good idea about the new nose you can have after surgery. Having a nose that you are happy with seems to build a lot of self-confidence.  When our nose matches our face in size and shape we like ourselves better in pictures and view ourselves in an all around better way.

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By Dr. Darshan Shah

Having children is a beautiful thing, but many women don’t like some of the changes they see afterwards in their body shape and skin.  Women who have two or more children especially seem to yearn for their pre-pregnancy body to return.  Even women who only gained a healthy amount of weight (20 - 30lbs) when pregnant often have loose skin that just doesn’t seem to go away with diet and exercise. 

We talk to women every day that say they have lost their pregnancy weight through diet and exercise, but just can’t get rid of the “muffin top” or extra skin that hangs over their waistline.  Unfortunately, no amount of exercise can tighten stretched skin or remove stretch marks. It is a known fact that it is only through surgery that this loose skin can be removed and the muscles that have been stretched during pregnancy can be tightened to pre pregnancy form.  When women see that they can have a flat stomach and more contoured waist again, they are excited and optimistic. 

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By Dr. Milan Shah

Most people think they look healthier and feel better with a tan.  Whether you get your bronze color from the sun, a tanning bed or bottle – most of us like our appearance better with a tan.  It is no secret that UV rays are harmful to our skin and cause skin cancer.  Even knowing that many people still chose to worship the sun and even others pay money to soak up their UV’s in a tanning bed.  The best solution to achieve that warm glow is with a sunless tan, also known as a spray tan.

At Beautologie, we are now offering South Seas® spray tanning.  Our trained spray-tanning technicians will give you the flawless tan that you desire without the harmful effects of the sun. South Seas® is 100% paraban free and made of natural healing ingredients. South Seas® was established in 2001 and has been voted “Best of Beauty” by Allure Magazine for three years in a row, their Tahitian Tan solution is a favorite among many celebrities.

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Beautologie is very excited to offer our brand new Acne Clinic for our patients that suffer from persistent, hard to treat acne.  We have found the best possible solution and can't wait to share it with you.  Call today to see how you can live acne FREE.

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