Plastic Surgery Boosts Self Confidence.


In a new European study conducted at Ruhr Universität and University of Basel, researchers have discovered what many of us in the cosmetic surgery field already knew: plastic surgery can boost a patient’s self confidence. Which makes them happier. Which leads to more enjoyment in life.

In the study, researchers compared first time surgery patients against two control groups: those who had wanted surgery, but then decided against it, and those who weren’t interested in plastic surgery of any kind. Psychologists then tested the patients both before surgery as well as three, six and twelve months post op. What they discovered is that compared to those who had wanted surgery, but decided not to have it, those that elected to have surgery “felt healthier, were less anxious, had developed more self-esteem and found the operated body feature in particular, but also their body as a whole, more attractive”.

The only patients in the study who didn’t feel a boost in their self-confidence were the 12% who had unrealistic goals, and expected their surgery to do the impossible such as solve their life problems and/or turn them into a new person. In our experience, these patients are not good candidates for plastic surgery, because they want something on the outside to solve what is really an emotional problem. At Beautologie Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center, our surgeons and staff always use the initial consultation to not only answer a potential patient’s questions, but to also truly ascertain his or her reasons for surgery because, for us, our patient’s happiness is paramount.

So, bottom line, if you’ve been feeling bad about the bags under your eyes, the wrinkles in your neck, or your drooping forehead then by all means, do something about it. It’ll make you feel better about yourself, both inside and out.


Researchers Show How Sunscreen Fights Photo Aging

A study conducted by researchers at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research in Brisbane, Australia has measured the effectiveness of sunscreen for prevention of photo aging. Their research provides some of the strongest evidence for the effectiveness of daily sunscreen use.

Dr. Adele Green and her colleagues analyzed previous research done with 903 adults, all under age 55, in a 4-year period. They tracked the appearance of each subject’s hands during the course of the study, looking for changes in skin pigmentation, wrinkles and other signs of aging. Some subjects were told to use sunscreen daily, while others could apply sunscreen as they felt necessary.

For the subjects who applied sunscreen daily, the results were favorable. Over the 4-year period, they showed no detectable changes in skin condition on their hands (taking into account other factors related to sun exposure) and they were 24 percent less likely than the other group to exhibit increased signs of aging. The anti-aging effects of sunscreen were evident in both young and middle aged patients.

The takeaway: Sunscreen not only helps protect against skin cancer, it has real cosmetic benefits. You can find the study, which was funded by the Australian Government, in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine.

Source: Reuters and the AP, with photo by koadmunkee

5 Benefits of Venus Freeze at Beautologie

Venus Freeze is a non-surgical treatment that combines Radio Frequency and Magnetic Pulses to penetrate the skin and stimulate collagen production. Here are seven benefits of this cool new treatment offered at Beautologie of Bakersfield and Fresno.

1. Skin Tightening and Wrinkle Reduction

The multi-polar radio frequency energy causes a thermal reaction in your tissue, which activates your body’s healing process. New collagen forms, elastin fibers grow, and the skin contracts. The skin tightens and your wrinkles are noticeable reduced.

2. Inch Reduction

In a Canadian study, 15 patients received Venus Freeze treatments for eight weeks. In a group of patients selected for circumference reduction, an average shrinkage of 3.1 centimeters was seen in the abdomen and hip area, with all subjects showing results.

3. No Downtime

You can undergo a Venus Freeze treatment at Beautologie during your lunch break and return to work right away. A single area can be finished in 30 minutes or less, and you can apply makeup immediately after the treatment.

4. A Comfortable Experience

Venus Freeze treatments are comfortable and non-invasive. Patients have compared the sensation to the pleasant and warm feeling of a hot-stone massage. During treatment, you could relax or even take a nap.

5. Cellulite Reduction

75 percent of the subjects in the Canadian study (within the cellulite group) showed “noticeable and satisfactory improvement” in the appearance of cellulite.

Call or email Beautologie in Fresno or Bakersfield to learn more about Venus Freeze.

Arm Lift Surgeries Increasing Rapidly

The latest statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons show that since the year 2000, upper arm lifts in women are up more than 4,000 percent. In 2000, a little over 300 women had arm lift surgery. Last year, more than 15,000 did. In a typical week, that’s a surgery every 10 minutes!

This video shows Natalie Robinson’s before-and-after photos. The ones she “couldn’t wait to take.” Over the last 36 months, Natalie has lost more than 170 pounds, and before having surgery to remove excess skin on her arms.

“They’re a reminder of that heavier person and you couldn’t get rid of it and it was just something else to worry about.” So Natalie decided to have arm lift surgery to tone her upper arms.

She had a type of upper arm procedure called brachioplasty, which is rising in popularity. “We did do more brachioplasties last year than we did the year before and we’ll probably do more this year,” said Natalie’s plastic surgeon Dr. David Reath. “We get rid of the skin, we leave a scar,” he explains. So as long as there’s enough improvement to be made in the shape of the arm to justify the scar, then it’s a great procedure.”

Brachioplasty was enough for Natalie. Despite the dramatic weight loss she had achieved on her own, she knew that when it came to the shape of her arms, she would need a plastic surgeon’s help. “Very happy,” she says. “It was well worth the investment. I would do it again.”

New Study Reveals Aging of Plastic Surgeons (Not Their Patients)

Plastic surgeons turn a camera toward themselves to document signs of aging.

At this year’s annual meeting of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, a doctor named Val Lambros shared findings from a unique study of facial aging: one that evaluates photos of other plastic surgeons.

In 2005, Dr. Lambros began taking photos of other plastic surgeons at annual scientific meetings. Each year, he would take another photo of the same surgeon, which allowed him to document the changes in each subject’s facial appearance.

His work, titled “Longitudinal Study of Facial Aging” shares findings from nearly a decade of documentation. While the study is just beginning, the findings already provide significant insight into the the ways in which aging and weight gain can change one’s appearance.

The study may continue for a generation, Dr. Lambros said. “At the end, we should have a better and more scientific understanding of how the face actually ages.”

Photo by Paul Reynolds on Flickr