Loyalty Programs

Beautologie Bakersfield Luxe Program

luxe membership card

Beautologie Luxe Membership offers the deepest discounts with our most popular services and treatments! For $99 a month, patients can combine savings with the brand loyalty promotions and enjoy the Beautologie experience all year long! Sign up at our office today to start saving!

Procedure Regular Pricing Luxe Member Pricing
B-12 Shot $30 single/package of 4 $100 One FREE shot per month
($20 per shot, thereafter)
Dysport, Xeomin, Botox $300/area $199/area
Restylane, Restylane Silk, Juvederm Ultra $600/Syringe $399/syringe
Restylane Lyft, Juvederm Ultra Plus, Radiesse 0.8cc $650/Syringe $499/syringe
Radiesse 1.5cc, Voluma $850/Syringe $699/syringe
Belafill $1,500/Syringe or $4,500/Kit $1,000/syringe or $3,500/kit
Kybella $1,275/two Vials $999/two Vials
Beautologie Skin Care Kit $500/kit $400/kit & 25% off individual products
Deep Co2 Laser Peel $4,500 $3,500
Erbium Laser Peel $650 $500
Photofacial $500 $299
Photofacial w/Levulan $850/area $599
Laser Vein Removal $375/area $199/area
Laser Hair Removal $300/area $99/area
Venus Freeze $300/area $99/area
Venus Viva $550/area $399/area
Laser Tattoo Removal $250/area $199/area

*Membership to Beautologie Luxe requires a 3-month commitment. *Non-refundable enrollment fee of $199 due at initiation. *All pricing subject to individual needs. Services depend on availability at location. Only available at Bakersfield locations.

Aspire Galderma Rewards Program

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Aspire Galderma Rewards program offers many great incentives that can allow our patients to receive money back on their next treatment, gift cards, cash back etc. without the inconvenience of printing paper coupons!

We can sign our patients up at their appointment or our you can sign up online at aspirerewards.com and it is 100% free! Patients will receive a code on their mobile device or email and all we need is that code when a patient comes in for treatment in order to apply the discount to their treatment.

Just for signing up a patient will receive $20.00 off their treatment. They just need to show us the code and we will honor the $20.00 and add their treatment points to their account.

How to receive points:

  • Each Dysport treatment a patient will receive 200 points
  • Each Restylane syringe a patient uses they will receive up to 400 points
  • Each Restylane Silk syringe a patient uses they will receive up to 400 points
  • Each Sculptra Aesthetic treatment they will receive 500 points for each Sculptra Treatment visit

Patients can also receive bonus points! By referring a friend they will receive 100 extra points. If they do at least 2 Dysport treatments a year, Galderma will provide them with an extra 200 bonus points.

Membership levels What is in it for the patient? Points required
Base: Instant access to rewards and information, with points that can be redeemed for mobile Galderma treatment certificates to use for discount with your healthcare professional. 0 - 249
Connector: Extra opportunites to earn and redeem more, including rewards cards from some of your favorite retailers, such as Sephora, Amazon, Nordstrom, Target, and Best Buy. 250 - 499
Insider: More ways to turn points into cash back in your pocket with check cards that can be used however and whenever you want. 500 - 999
Royalty: Unlock even more unique experiences such as a spa day with friends, as well as more cash-back opportunities to use with products and retailer rewards. 1,000 - 1,499
VIP: Additional access to the most elite rewards and the ability to redeem exclusive VIP treatments. 1,500+



Brilliant Distinctions Program

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Allergan offers Brilliant Distinctions for our patients loyal to their products! Sign up in our office and get started saving with your first treatment! Earn points on Botox Cosmetic, Juvederm, Kybella & Latisse products

Earn Save
100 Points $10
200 Points $20
300 Points $30
400 Points $40
500 Points $50
600 Points $60
700 Points $70
800 Points $80
900 Points $90
1000 Points $100