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Beautologie Medical Weight Loss Program

“You have exceeded my expectations. I'm very pleased with the results.” Beautologie Patient

Quick Info

Medically supervised Weight Loss INITIAL Visit (1st month only): $300.00
  • Full Blood Workup/EKG/Health history obtained.
  • ZOOM with our Physician after your lab results are ready to review your eligibility based on your goals and health history.
  • Food diary provided and reviewed.
  • Appetite suppressant medication prescribed if health history is deemed appropriate.
Medically supervised Weight Loss:
$150 / Month
  • Physician and Nurse monitored.
  • On average 2-5 pounds lost per week.
  • Monthly visit / BMI check & B-12 injections provided.
  • Appetite suppressant medication renewed.

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Beautologie’s comprehensive medical weight loss program is a Doctor and Nurse guided experience that partners with the patient for close monitoring to produce optimum results.

Beautologie Medical Weight Loss Program

We start off with an intake appointment to determine if you are a candidate for the program by collecting some vital information. At this appointment, you will meet your Nurse who will walk you through what you can expect step by step. We will collect labs, your health information, perform an EKG, and obtain your weightloss goals. Thereafter, your Nurse will schedule you for a ZOOM appointment with our Doctor, who will review the vital information obtained at your intake appointment and determine if our weight loss program is right for you.

Participants in Beautologie’s weight loss program are provided a combination appetite suppressant to help curb daily cravings. You will also be meeting with your nurse monthly to monitor progress and receive your B-12 injection to help boost your energy level! Your dedicated nurse will offer support and guidance throughout the program and is available by phone, email and even text!

While results from the weight loss program won’t happen overnight, once you commit to the program, you will enjoy the benefits and results of healthy weight loss. Beautologie staff and your commitment to the program are a proven method of healthy, successful weight loss.

Content written and approved by Darshan Shah, MD Plastic Surgeon.