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Beautologie Real Stories - Pam

I first came to Beautologie when I was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 years ago and Dr. Darshan Shah helped me with my breast reconstruction. As far as Beautologie goes, they are like my family. Dr. Shah did my reconstruction and then I spent 5 years on chemo medicine and when I finally got off I had felt and looked like I aged 30 years so I came here to see Dr. Lehocky who did my blepharoplasty (eye lift) and after my eyes were done, I felt like my life was given back to me. I looked in the mirror and I thought ‘oh my gosh I'm back to where I was before my cancer’!

Cancer is an odd thing, you have to either hit it head on or you can just lay down and die and I thought, no I'm going to get reconstruction and be a whole person again, and then after I got my eyes done I realized Beautologie was different than regular hospitals and doctors. Everyone is so wonderful there! Going through the surgery experience was like going to a spa. The surgery suite is private and there are people waiting on you hand and foot, I felt so comfortable. I never was afraid of surgery at Beautologie. From the anesthesia to the nurse to the surgeon, it was like I was the only patient they had and they were going to take care of me.

Beautologie is a wonderful place for people like me because when I was going through my cancer there were so many days that I thought ‘ugh, I cant do this anymore’, but then once I was done with my medicine and came here its like they gave me a whole new life. It was like a reason to start my new life! I love it! I feel new again. Just like a new woman, and I think I deserve it. Breast cancer isn't the end of the world because of people like Beautologie Doctors and staff who help many more than they will ever know.

Content written and approved by Darshan Shah, MD Plastic Surgeon.