A Day At The Spa

Bakersfield Life Article - 3/29/07

A Day At The Spa

Medi Spas (excerpt of story by Natalie Erlendson)

Medi spas are a cross between the offices of Dr. 90210 and the aforementioned day spas. A doctor is usually on hand and while the goal is still beautification and relaxation, it's achieved in a more clinical fashion.

Medi spas may offer treatments such as Botox, photofacials, chemical peels and laser hair removal, along with the usual massages, facials and waxing services. This mix of medicine and beauty is usually echoed in the environment of medi spas. Many attempt to maintain a clean, clinical look cultivating it with an ambient spa atmosphere.

Milan Shah, MD is Bakersfield's own "Dr. 90210" with elective surgery centers in both the 90210 and 93311 zip codes. Dr. Shah and Associates also run the Shaanti Medi Spa near the Marketplace on the corner of Camino Media Road and Haggin Oaks Boulevard. While Dr. Shah has moved the more medical procedures to his office down the street, Shaanti still maintains its medi spa status by offering microdermabrasion facials, which is almost like a fine sandblasting of the top layer of your face's skin. The results -cheeks as smooth as a baby's and potential new and healthy skin cell growth.

Shaanti also offers endermologie, a treatment that will make cottage cheese thighs shake in their jeans. According to Shaanti's certified endermologist, Michelle Benning, the process takes unhealthy fat cells (cellulite) and breaks them up. "We recommend that our clients maintain a healthy diet and exercise in addition to the treatments."

Shaanti also offers over ten different types of tension releasing facials and massages. "Shaanti is indian for tranquility, peace and harmony," says Michelle. "My clients can leave the world outside our doors and come to relax and find peace."

Content written and approved by Darshan Shah, MD Plastic Surgeon.