Quality & Safety

Perfect Safety Record

Safety is not something most of us want to think about when we are deciding whether or not to have a cosmetic procedure. But the reality is that there are always risks involved in any cosmetic work regardless of whether the procedure is surgical or non-invasive. Evaluating both the facility and the surgeon from a safety standpoint is of paramount importance.

At Beautologie Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Aesthetics, we pride ourselves on always putting safety first. How? To begin with, all of our surgeons are not only highly trained in their specific field with years of study and practice under their belts, but they continue their education by constantly staying abreast of the latest techniques and innovations through seminars, workshops and consultations with colleagues. Second, our Surgery Center where we perform a large portion of our procedures, is fully accredited by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Healthcare (AAAHC), meaning that it has the same emergency equipment as hospitals. We're constantly updating both the equipment and our procedures so that we remain at the forefront of care, and our facility's perfect safety record is a testament to this commitment.

We only hire nurses and medical technicians who are as highly trained as we are, and maintain a full time quality assurance staff. We are dedicated to cleanliness and insuring a bacteria free environment, and always go out of our way to fully prepare you for your procedure. Our goal is for you to know exactly what to expect post-surgery, so we send you home with a list of all the appropriate medications, both over the counter and prescription, to prevent any infection and reduce pain if necessary. In short, we consider all of the potential safety risks and how to prevent them, assuring our patients of a safe and productive experience.

Collaborative Approach

There are many things to consider when deciding if you should have a cosmetic procedure or not, whether it is surgical such as a Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck or Mommy Makeover or something non-invasive like Botox, fillers or laser rejuvenation. The skill and training of the surgeon is obviously important, as is the reputation of the facility. But something that many often overlook when making their decision is the cohesiveness and talent of the entire surgical team.

At Beautologie Cosmetic Surgery & Medical Aesthetics, our facility is host to several talented, highly trained surgeons. Each has his/her area of expertise, and they also work together as a team. So if, for instance, you are considering a tummy tuck, we would book you a consult with one of our doctors who specializes in abdominal work. After meeting with you and ascertaining your needs and taking photos, he/she might consult with their colleague who has specialized training or their colleague who focuses on non-invasive techniques to get their opinion on which body contouring treatments would work best for your specific needs, thus providing the right compliment to their surgical work.

We take this same "teamwork" approach with our reconstructive work as well. Let's say that you are a breast cancer survivor and have come to us for a post mastectomy reconstruction. We have a number of doctors who specialize in this, but they would also always solicit the advice of their colleagues whose specialty is cosmetic breast augmentation to ensure that your new breasts look and feel as natural as possible. So, when making your decision, always consider the importance of teamwork.

Your Comfort & Quality is Assured

Here at Beautologie, our patients are our top priority. We go the extra mile to ensure the highest standards of quality, safety and comfort are maintained with each patient we treat and every procedure we perform. This commitment to our patients and has earned Beautologie the distinguished title of Best Plastic Surgeon in Bakersfield for ten years running.

The Beautologie Quality Assurance Program

Beautologie is well known for our commitment to our patients and the follow up care beyond the procedure. We know our patients have a high standard, so we’ve raised the bar. A choice to have a cosmetic surgery procedure is not a decision made lightly, and we understand the concerns you may have about how things will be after your surgery.

Our full-time and devoted Patient Experience Department works to ensure patient satisfaction is maintained at 110%. We want to consistently exceed expectations, as we know this is how we have become the most successful and awarded Plastic Surgery and Medical Aesthetics Medical Group in our area.

Email: help@beautologie.com with any feedback or concerns that arise, and we will have our team contact you right away to help.

Patient Comfort is our Top Priority

A comfortable treatment or procedure is a request we are often asked for. Beautologie and our providers take great lengths to ensure our patients receive the highest quality care, fabulous results all while creating a comfortable, luxurious and private experience.

Our office is warm, friendly and inviting. Our staff is welcoming and accommodating. You will be in great, caring hands in each of our specialized departments.

Many of our patients explain how skilled our nurses are. We hear, "that didn't hurt at all" or "you are the most gentle doctor I have ever met" every day at Beautologie. From our medical aesthetic patients to our surgical patients, our professionals are trained to minimize discomfort while maximizing results.

Special request? An extra ice pack, stress ball or someone to hold your hand? Beautologie is 100% committed to your comfort, so if there is anything you would like to have, let us know. It will be our pleasure.

The Cleanest Facility

Beautologie understands the importance of cleanliness, especially in our environment. Patients at our offices and AAAHC accredited Surgery Center are comforted by our 100% safety rating which is directly related to our processes and procedures with safety and cleanliness.

Our clean environment relies on many factors but comes down to a few basics. Keeping hands clean, and using gloves, maintaining clean/sterilized equipment, instruments and medical furniture, appropriate use of antimicrobial antibiotics, and preventing infections associated with IV lines.

Beautologie goes to great lengths to be the safest, cleanest and friendliest medical group around. You can trust that we take every precaution to maintain our record of being the best at what we do.

Content written and approved by Darshan Shah, MD Plastic Surgeon.