Bakersfield medical spas say 'Jenner lip' procedures are on the rise

Medical spas in Bakersfield, including Beautologie, report a growing trend in "Jenner lip" procedures. Many residents are seeking lip injections to achieve a fuller and more youthful appearance, inspired by Kylie Jenner's famous plump pout. Medical spas offer various fillers to enhance the lips, with the trend being popular among younger women.

Bakersfield medical spas say 'Jenner lip' procedures are on the rise

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. - Looking for the perfect pout? Bakersfield medical spas say many residents are looking to plump their lips with the help of injections.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons say lip injection procedures now outnumber the number of breast augmentations in the country. They've seen an 8% increase in lip augmentations since 2014.

"In the early 2000s, we'd have maybe five to ten lip enhancements in a week. We're up to five to ten lip enhancements in a day now at our practice," said aesthetic and laser medicine specialist Milan Shah of Beautologie.

Stars popular on social media, like Kylie Jenner, for their plump pouts have become 'lip role models' with many clients asking for injections to mimic the teen's.

"Pop culture has always had an influence on beauty trends," said Shah.

One of the nurses at Beautologie is also a lip injection patient. "There's nothing to be embarrassed helps as a self-esteem boost, as confidence," said Lah Rasing.

Whatever your take on the trend, it's growing exponentially in Kern County.

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