Tattoo Removal with Less Pain, 40% Fewer Treatments

Beautologie Cosmetic surgery  and Medical Aesthetics practice  is now offering the new PiQo4™ laser technology for tattoo removal, which requires fewer treatments, causes less pain, and is capable of clearing more tattoo ink colors than other picosecond lasers.

Tattoo Removal with Less Pain, 40% Fewer Treatments

BAKERSFIELD, California– Beautologie Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Center is proud to be the first in the state of California to offer the breakthrough technology of the new PiQo4™ laser, the first 4-wavelength picosecond laser to receive FDA clearance.  This new laser system will clear tattoos in much less treatments than other lasers and is capable of treating more tattoo inks than any other picosecond laser on the market.  Dr. Milan Shah, Medical Director of Beautologie Medical Spa and Laser Center, says “We have always had the gold standard in lasers but until now most tattoo removal devices come with two wavelengths at most.  We had various platforms and of course we have done pretty good with removing tattoos over the last 7-8 years. We have been able to eliminate over 90 % of tattoos until now.  It is that 5-10% of the tattoos in which the artist may have buried the ink a little too deep or the colors are just beyond the wavelength the previous laser could handle. The PiQo4 is definitely going to fill in that gap .”

He adds:

“The PiQo4 has a lot of tune-ability for the most versatility.  Since it is essentially 4 different lasers in one, with 4 different wavelengths, multiple pulse durations and the largest spot sizes, the PiQo4 allows us to treat all common ink colors no matter the size of the ink or where they are located in the skin much quicker than ever before.

We needed more energy than the previous laser could not provide.  With PiQo4, we have that extra energy now.  It is a much more powerful laser - the strongest tattoo removal laser on the market!  Most tattoo removal lasers maximum energy output is 1000 millijoules. Now with over twice that power, we are seeing much faster tattoo clearance, as well as an answer for the tens of thousands of frustrated patients with resistant inks and lingering tattoos or shadows.

Before the PiQo4, we may have had 5-10% of tattoos that we were not able of get rid of, for example really light green, really light red, or pink inks. We now can take it a step further with this machine.  This of course makes for much greater patient satisfaction, as we are able to completely remove all the ink.

Other lasers on the market are also limited by the speed of treatment.  If you had a sleeve tattoo, lower back tattoo, or other larger tattooed area, the patient laser treatment would take 1-2 hours each visit.  With the PiQo4 laser, we are able to take that laser treatment time and cut it down drastically.  We can do the tattoos much quicker, which is beneficial for our patients. The patients don’t have to endure the discomfort for so long making the treatment more pleasant.”

Other laser systems are limited to lighter skin types, whereas the PiQo4 is safer on both darker and lighter skin types.  Dr. Shah stated that this was an important factor in his decision to choose the PiQo4 laser.  Dr. Shah has a high volume practice with a large multicultural population.  Now, he can provide the proper treatment to all skin types and the broadest range of colors.

When asked if they were going to use the PiQo4 on any other pigment issues of the skin, Dr. Shah responded:
“We do a lot of laser resurfacing in our practice. We call it our photorejuvenation treatment with the PiQo4 laser. It helps with scarred skin, pore closure, skin tightening, and pigmentation reduction in general, without all the down time of the deeper laser treatments.  Patients want minimally invasive treatments that will not put them out of commission for days due to.  For patients that have skin discoloration are looking to improve the texture of texture of their skin, without all the downtime of a deep resurfacing laser, the photorejuvenation is a great option.  At Beautologie we also treat other pigment problems as well such as melasma, age spots, birthmarks with the photorejuvenation PiQo4 device.

“We are very pleased with the PiQ4 technology. The laser no only has Picosecond power, but it takes the lead over the other devices with its superior deliverable energy and the multiple laser wavelengths.  No other lasers out there can compete to this day. We very pleased with the technology and our patients have been really pleased with their results.”

About Beautologie Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Center
Beautologie Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Center is an all-inclusive aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery center. They have 5 offices in California – Beverly Hills, Malibu, Fresno and 2 locations in Bakersfield. They do everything from non-surgical aesthetics with lasers for skin tightening, scar treatments, injectable treatments, skin care, hair removal, tattoo removal, to weight loss center, mommy makeovers, face lifts and hair transplants. Beautologie has 6 physicians as part of their practice and have been doing tattoo removal for many years. Dr. Milan Shah decided to start with the PiQo4 in their Central California, Bakersfield office. The PiQo4 is the 5th tattoo removal laser Beautologie has installed in their offices. Dr. Shah stated “We now offer our patients the newest and best tattoo removal laser in the country!” For more information, visit

About the PiQo4
The PiQo4 system is available from Zarin Medical™. Zarin provides a suite of lasers for aesthetic procedures (hair removal, photorejuvenation, vascular conditions, etc.) and medical conditions (feminine rejuvenation, urogynecology, etc.) Zarin can be reached toll-free at (844) 927-4600. Visit for more information.

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