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“You have exceeded my expectations. I'm very pleased with the results of my procedure.” Beautologie Patient
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  • With Beautologie’s latest in laser technology, patients can enjoy the benefits of fat reduction and body contouring without undergoing any downtime with quick and comfortable in office treatments.
  • Beautologie’s Venus Freeze™ treatments can provide circumferential reduction in areas like the belly, love handles, thighs, buttocks, and arms while also smoothing out cellulite. Endermologie can also be used in combination to further reduce the appearance of cellulite and enhance the results.
  • Results are seen just after a few treatments and last years with proper maintenance.
  • Patients return to regular activity right after the treatment which can easily be done during your “lunchtime.”

What is the Venus Freeze® Body Contouring Laser?

Venus Freeze Body Contouring Laser at Beautologie reduces the appearance of cellulite and fine lines, melts away inches as well as tightens skin with every session. The demand for an effective yet comfortable, safe laser treatment that produces quality results has increased over the years and Beautologie has exceeded expectations by offering the incredibly popular Venus Freeze.

How the Venus Freeze laser works:

Venus Freeze®

The Venus freeze is a laser that uses a combination of Magnetic Pulses and Radio Frequency that penetrates deeply, yet quickly and comfortably into your skin. This combination allows natural collagen to rebuild and encourages elastin fibers to form. Skin instantly feels and appears firmer as the existing collagen contracts.

Areas the Venus Freeze laser targets:

The Venus Freeze laser is a safe an effective treatment used to treat the following areas: face, neck, arms, bra rolls, love handles, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks.

Your Venus Freeze appointment explained

All of our Medical Spa procedures and treatments are offered in our luxuriously appointed, private rooms. As you lay comfortably on our spa table, the Registered Nurse specializing in Venus Freeze technique and results will apply a gel, which helps the laser glide across the treatment area. We encourage our patients to take this time to relax and enjoy the quiet, peaceful, and focused time or even drift off for a nap if you are so inclined.

How it feels:

Venus Freeze is a painless laser treatment that feels like a warm massage. It is comfortable, safe, and requires zero down time! You can go to the gym after treatment, come in for a session on your lunch break, or head off to an event without any down time.


Venus Freeze is FDA approved for all areas of the body. This treatment is so safe it can be recommended for just about anyone. Venus Freeze isn’t just about melting away that stubborn fat; it tightens skin, helps with stubborn cellulite, and overall circumferential reduction.  No harsh side effects or pain, just results!

What results can I expect with Venus Freeze

The results that Venus Freeze patients enjoy are circumferential reduction, fat loss, improvement of wrinkles and fine lines, and improvement of cellulite. Venus Freeze treatments are recommended once every week or twice a month depending on patient and results desired. It is very important to not miss your treatments so you can reach your result goal as soon as possible.

Are results permanent?

The results that you will achieve with the Venus Freeze laser will not reverse, but as we age we continue to lose collagen and laxity in the skin. We recommend a maintenance program of 2-3 treatments a year after your initial designed treatment program. Our goal is to provide a safe, pleasant, pain-free experience. You asked for an effective treatment with no down time and we provide it! Call us today to schedule your consultation and see if the Venus Freeze treatment is right for you!

Training and Experience

Our Venus Freeze technicians are all Registered Nurses that have 15 years combined experience in the nursing field. Not only have they completed the extensive training to become a Registered Nurse, they have also received hands on specialized training from the manufacturers of Venus Freeze as well as our Medical Spa Director, Dr. Milan Shah.

Our nurses are highly trained professionals in all of the procedures that we offer at Beautologie. We want our patients to know that they are receiving an effective treatment from the most highly trained experts who are always receiving the best continuing education with all current offerings and new techniques as they become available.

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Venus Freeze® Testimonials

  • The Venus Freeze is very comfortable and relaxing. I can't believe it's a treatment. It felt like a massage with amazing results. I noticed an immediate difference after my first treatment and can't wait to keep seeing additional results. It has the subtle tightening and natural look that I was expecting without surgery. I would recommend this to all my friends and family who are looking for that little something to target the stubborn spots that aren't helped with diet and exercise. Maria D.
  • I noticed an immediate reduction in fine lines and wrinkle around my eyes. The wrinkles under my chin were smooth and firm again after just a few treatments. The treatment was not only easy, but it also felt like a warm massage. I would absolutely recommend this treatment to everyone I know who wants great results without surgery. Stella C.
Content written and approved by Darshan Shah, MD Plastic Surgeon.