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Preparing for Surgery

Preparing for plastic surgery is a very important part of your decision to have a cosmetic procedure. Beautologie knows that the most prepared patients experience less pain and enjoy better results following their procedure.

Preparing should begin as soon as you have looked into a procedure. Choosing your surgeon and knowing all your financial options are a big part of the preparation and offer patients a great relief when theses decisions are made early in the process.

Your consultation will allow you to get questions answered by discussing your desired with your coordinators and doctors. During this time, the entire process will be gone over in detail, from the day of the procedure to the final follow-up appointment.

Beautologie makes preparing and caring for yourself after surgery very easy with our "Preparing & Caring" pre-operative kit. This package includes videos, checklists and answers to questions our patients routinely ask after surgery. You receive this complimentary package at your pre-operative appointment. At this appointment, you will have an opportunity to speak with your registered nurse and she can help make sure you have the appropriate labs done, garments purchased, and medications needed as well as talk with your caregiver about their role in your recovery.

We look forward to being your partner every step of the way through your surgical process at Beautologie!

Preoperative Videos

These videos are part of the "Preparing & Caring" kit, please read your "Preparing & Caring" information in conjunction with these videos.

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Content written and approved by Darshan Shah, MD Plastic Surgeon.