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Beautologie Real Stories - Maria

Before I came to Beautologie I just didn’t like my lower abdomen, it had stretch marks and loose skin and no matter what I did, no matter how much exercising I did, nothing helped. It was always there. I learned about Beautologie through a newspaper ad. I was going through the paper and saw it and decided I'd check it out.

My first visit to Beautologie went great. The staff was very helpful, the facility was really clean too, and it was so comfortable! The nurse and my coordinator answered all of my questions and Dr. Knoetgen was great!! He really listened and cared about everything I said.

Maria before and after

My belly button was the most important thing to me. I wanted it back to how it was and he did it. He did a great job! The thing that impressed me about Dr. Knoetgen is that he listened, he really listened to everything that I was concerned about or wanted done or was important to me. My results definitely are exactly, well… even better than what I had anticipated. He exceeded all my expectations.

 The day of the surgery I thought I'd be nervous but I wasn’t, I mean everyone just made me feel comfortable, reassured me, they let me know that everything’s going be fine. I was actually more excited than nervous. The procedure was life changing and worth every penny and the recovery (which was not as bad as I had anticipated.)

The staff at Beautologie is all so helpful. Whenever I called or emailed the office they always got back to me quickly, within like the hour. I even got Dr. Knoetgen’s cell phone number just in case I had any questions after surgery.

My results... LOVE EM! I am thrilled! I can wear my bikinis, string bikinis, bare bikini’s. I can lift up my arms not worrying about anything hanging out. It’s fantastic!! Anyone else looking to have a tummy tuck and muscle repair; I say go for it. Don’t wait 20 years like I did. Just go for it, It’s so worth it.  It has been a great experience. I would do it all over again, thanks to Dr. Knoetgen and Beautologie.

Maria after
Maria after
Content written and approved by Darshan Shah, MD Plastic Surgeon.