Anonymous #75


June 24, 2008

Dear Dr, Shah and staff,

From the moment I met my very own consultant (yes a person that I later understood would actually walk me through the entire surgery process herself) my questions were answered, financial concerns met, and options became clearer.  With very little waiting time, I was personally greeted by Dr. D. Shah, who patiently listened to my concerns, offered me privacy, dignity, respect during my examination, and soon I felt safer than I could imagine with the unfortunate decision to have my breast implants removed due to a leak.  I was afraid of the surgery, what a leak could mean for me, and what my breasts would look like post operatively.  Dr. Shah took his time carefully, honestly, directly answering my questions, and offered solutions/alternatives according to my comfort level.  In short, my care was customized to meet and fit my specific needs.

The day came for surgery, and it was again a pleasant surprise to find that the operating room staff including the cheerful receptionist who registered me with my privacy in mind, to the caring Nurse who greeted me personally in the waiting room (I was only in the waiting room for a few minutes) and escorted me to the changing area herself were mirror images of the excellent attention I received in during my initial office visits.  When I emerged from the changing area, she was waiting for me!  She took my arm and guided me to the area where Dr. Shah would see me pre-operatively, and inserted an intravenous line with skills second to none.  Infection control measures were not overlooked by me as I noticed careful attention to hand washing, spotless floors and equipment, and immediate removal of debris.

On my way into the operating suite, I felt like I was escorted by angels I felt so safe like I had friends that would watch over me while I was asleep.

Post operatively, I had no time to wonder about pain, or fear, as my nurse and doctor were by my side continuously reassessing my needs and meeting them immediately with reassurance, medication, comfort, whatever was called for.  When it came time to discharge me it was according to my needs, my safety, and my progress at no time did I feel hurried or like I was a burden to the staff.

I hardly had time to get home before I received a friendly phone call from my nurse inquiring about my pain and comfort!

The very next day I returned to Dr. Shah's office for a repeat performance of kindness, caring, respect, and all-around gladness for me that I had completed my surgery.

Now for the REAL surprise.  On Sunday (yes, a weekend day) Dr. Shah himself called my home to check on my pain, wound progress, and general feelings of well being.  Can you believe it?!?!?  Fabulous!

Unfortunately, I did experience a post operative problem in that the very next morning after speaking to Dr. Shah my wound opened.  I returned unannounced to the office, where I was whisked into  an examination room, whisked immediately back to the operating area, wound attended to by Dr. Shah, and the problem was solved before I had a chance to be afraid about it!!

Here's the thing I must have looked scared out of my mind Dr. Shah wrapped me in a blanket and escorted me himself to a post-operative observation room following this second procedure.  I felt so safe, so cared for.

Weeks and months go by, and still Dr. Shah himself calls to check on my well being, feelings about my surgery, and I really do believe he is happy that I am happy.  I have never met a physician like him and my surprise diminished about his office, his nurses, his staff being so extraordinary.  It comes from him.  He offers nothing but the best for his patients.  I feel as though each one of us is precious to him, and that he actually takes pride in our success and will not give up until we are satisfied and back to living our life with no worry about why we came to his office in the first place.

I will never forget my experience, never forget how Dr. Shah treated me, how his staff comforted me, and if I, my friends, my family need or want surgery there is no place else I could possibly recommend.

Thanks again!!!