"Beautologie is an amazing place to be if your feeling insecure about yourself, amazing people, amazing doctors. I will come back until I just cant come back anymore. Thats just how its gonna be."

Beautologie is an amazing place to be if you’re feeling insecure about yourself, amazing people, amazing doctors. They really understand and are so compassionate when it comes to things that are so private. I always felt like they really cared about me and what I wanted.

When I first came in, the front desk girls were wonderful, they were sweet and kind. I felt special right away! I was taken back really quickly, I didn’t have to wait at all! I was really nervous because I was getting to that point where I knew I had to take off my shirt and I really didn’t want to do something like this because if I can’t even do it in front of my husband what makes me think I can do it in front of this stranger?? So I walked back with the Coordinator and Nurse and they explained everything so clearly and prepared me for what was about to happen with Dr. Shah and my evaluation. I felt less nervous knowing what to expect. Then here comes Dr. Darshan Shah, he knocks on the door and he comes in and he’s got a huge smile on his face, just happy, and at that moment I knew I was going be okay because his aura, everything about him was calm and easy, he shook my hand he said don’t worry, I’m going to take great care of you and that was it from there. Ever since then I have had a wonderful experience every time I am in to Beautologie.

I had breast augmentation because I had six kids and I have a 29 year old husband and I’m 42 so I have to keep up with my appearance like all women do, and I was concerned with it just not being enough and when I went in to see Dr. Shah he assured me that it is all going to be great, and that I was going to love my results. So I did it and the results were fabulous! I could not be happier! I gained my self-confidence back and love shopping and wearing cute tops now. It was life changing!

I also am a frequent visitor to the Medical Aesthetics department as well. They have a lot of lasers, injectables and other non-surgical options for maintaining youth and beauty. The Beautologie skin care line is amazing and I will explain why.

After I had my son, my last child, I got a bunch of brown spots all over my face and it was devastating to me because it was practically overnight. As women age we look in the mirror and we see every flaw is a problem, magnified and reminding us we are getting older. Personally, when I noticed my brown spots on my face I didn’t know what to do, I bought things online, went to the make-up counters in the mall, nothing was working so I decided to come into here and talk to Dr. Milan Shah because I knew he was an expert and may have something to help me. After my consultation and evaluation of my skin, he assured me that he had a great product to treat my condition, so I bought it. I tried it and after only one week my spots were gone. One week! It was amazing and again life changing! I couldn’t believe the results and how quickly I saw them. II still use the Beautologie Skin Care line and tell everyone who will listen about it and how it worked for me,. That was a year ago and I still use it to this day, I will never stop.

Beautologie Doctors, nurses staff, phone team, products and services are all top notch. I cannot believe they are right here in town and really affordable too. I love it there, they have a patient for life!