Cassandra P.


If you're looking for a place to make you feel better about your plastic surgery decision, pick BEAUTOLOGIE! I did chat with someone on the website and her name was Natalie and she really followed through with me and got in contact with me after typing back and forth via the website. She really made my experience feel real. She made it feel like it was possible. She made me feel like I was worthy. . THANK YOU TO NATALIE. SHE DESERVES A RAISE*!!!! She was able to answer ANY and EVERY question that I did have and that made me feel so much more comfortable about scheduling the consult... At your first consult appointment is when they will discuss all financing options. What really needs to happen to create the body you want but not only made the entire scheduling process more comfortable I've never had plastic surgery and so I felt really defeated by having to look into it I Do live a ways from their three main offices in California. That being said, I was able to get everything done virtually including my first consultation! They're worth it. I suggest you check it out. They also do other things not only mommy makeovers plastic surgery , they also do Botox and fillers etc. Check them out