"I had my breast augmentation with Dr. Darshan Shah and I find it hard to put into words just how happy I am! I had never had surgery before and Dr. Shah and his staff helped me feel at ease and made my decision to have surgery a comfortable one."

The Beautologie staff was always very informative, helpful, professional and accommodating. The nurses were very caring and helped me feel at ease the morning of surgery and made themselves available for any questions after surgery too.

Growing up with a small body frame, I had very little breasts and a tiny waist so it looked okay. As I hit puberty, I wasn't growing and felt self-conscious. I dated guys, who unfortunately made fun of me saying I looked like I was 12 even though I was 19. I felt that because they didn't appreciate me that I started to not appreciate myself.

Shopping wasn't too hard. It was like a compliment when shopping for a size small. Shopping for bras or bathing suits were not fun, almost depressing. I always bought the padded tops and bras so it gave the illusion of some kind of breasts or cleavage existed. I was always critiquing and wishing I had larger breasts, especially with my age and wanted to look more like a woman than a little girl.

After having my procedure done, I gained more confidence. I couldn't believe that with one procedure I was happier and my self-esteem skyrocketed! Shopping has been so much more fun since my breast augmentation I still do have my tiny waist but when it comes to bra and bathing suit shopping, I didn't see before as I do of how many choices there were and fun colors and patterns. I threw away the padded bikini tops and bras. It felt like I was starting fresh. I feel like I am a woman now!

I've gotten more compliments now of how everything fits and they've noticed the change in my attitude. I'm not embarrassed or afraid anymore. I like knowing that I don't have to stare at other girls at a pool party when I know I have breasts of my own. There are times at pool parties or even just a party where girls and guys would ask where did I get my procedure done because they look amazing and I do not hesitate to tell them Dr. Shah at Beautologie, true story! :)

Thank you, Beautologie!

-Emily, Bakersfield CA