Maria H


"For me, it was about Change. I wanted to look in the mirror and love what I saw. Thank you Beautologie. Everyday I get told how great I look. I couldn't be happier."
Maria before and after
Maria after

On the day of my initial visit I met with Dr. Barnes and the Beautologie staff. From my very first phone call to checking in at the front office, the staff was very kind, helpful and welcoming. During my first appointment I had a long list of questions and concerns. Dr Barnes was very patient and answered all of my questions and explained my procedure and made a few recommendations and discussed the several options I had in order to achieve the results I wanted. After going home and discussing it some more with my husband, I decided this was what I wanted.

I had my breast augmentation procedure performed by Dr. Barnes. After much thought, and several conversations with my husband and family I decided I was ready for a change. I did some research online and came across Beautologie. I decided to call and schedule an appointment for a consultation.

Growing up, I was always very thin. As a teen and into my early adult years, I was very self conscious about my body. I always hid my body under big sweatshirts and super padded bras. Having children changed it all! I gave birth to two beautiful children and I absolutely loved my post baby body! I was able to fit back into my old jeans and even better, I was breast feeding and I was finally able to open expand my options and shop for more bras! Bigger bras! No more A Cups for me! But my joy was short lived after my daughter decided she no longer wanted to be breast fed but bottle fed instead. That brought me back to square one and once again I was giving away my beautiful bras and opting to buy smaller ones. Shopping for bathing suits in the summers was especially hard. I was always having to choose smaller tops with extra padding but some of the well known Department stores didn't carry small bathing suit tops with a significant amount of padding. When it came to clothes shopping I had a difficult time finding tops that would not only look great but also cover my huge padded bras. I finally decided I had to something when I found myself constantly adjusting my strapless bras under dresses for fear that they would slip off and I having to suffer an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction!

The day of my surgery I was very nervous! I had never had any type of surgery or gone under any procedure that involved anesthesia. I started having second thoughts on whether this was what I really wanted. But after chatting with Dr Barnes and my bedside nurse, I was at ease once again and knew that I was making the right choice not only for my body, but for my self esteem. The procedure itself was very quick and before I knew it, I was back at home recovering. Dr Barnes followed up with phone calls to check on my recovery status and also my post op appointments were very comforting! He was very thorough in explaining what was to be expected the weeks after surgery and always made sure that any of my concerns were put at ease. Thanks to Dr Barnes, I feel exceptionally amazing! I have had endless amount of compliments from friends and family. I can finally wear strapless dresses and tops, without having to worry whether my bra straps are going to show. My first experience going braless was at my best friends wedding as a bridesmaid. I felt absolutely radiant! Having my breast augmentation gave me my confidence back and if I had to do it all over again, I would without skipping a beat!