Ruth L.


I recently moved to Bakersfield.Coming from Los Angeles ,where there is plenty of amazing surgeons and where I had my doctor and I was very careful in selecting a place to get my Botox done, because after all, is the face . how can you hide that if they botch your face ? I look at so many places. Beautologie Cosmetics was my number one choice, still a little nervous, I went to my appointment and since the minute I walked through the doors they made me feel comfortable, the place is really clean and the personnel very professional, they really take the time to care for your needs and my nurse Katey ... wow! very caring and carful of my needs. the results are incredible. I just went for Botox and ended up getting fillers as well. being my first time getting fillers I was nervous but I love the results, I already told my sister about Beutologie and the next time she visits she'll make an appointment with them.