"I see my face everyday..I notice where I started aging first.. The tiny crows feet that formed.. The lines forming on my brow or the way my lip liner is starting to feather around my mouth from lines that are starting to appear... I'll wash my face and think .. If that was smoother.. I'd look younger. For me it's about looking as fresh and youthful as I can. God gave me the canvas and I just want to preserve it's beauty for as long as I can.

Sandi before and after
Sandi after
Sandi after

"It's important to me that the person I trust to accomplish this is not only highly referred, but listens to me and is on the same page. I don't want someone to "change" me.. Only enhance what is attractive and erase what is not. Dr. Milan Shah is beyond professional... He is caring, and he listens. He takes his time asking questions.. Making sure I'm comfortable and above all he makes me feel like a million bucks when I leave his office. I'm in and out of his office and back at conquering the world.

I refer him all the time.. But it's tricky referring someone when no one knows I see him. I get compliments in general about how I look at my age... Not ever because it is noticeable that I got injections. I love love love his office. I have other friends who are in the business and offer me procedure at little to no cost as a courtesy to our friendship, but I would never ever go any where else. You deserve nothing but the best when it comes to your face or health. Beautologie is a diamond to Bakersfield. We are blessed to have this degree of skill and of amazing services that are done with professionalism and artistry. His team is fantastic and there caring and professional.

I have experienced and have enjoyed the benefits of Botox, restylin, and dysport. The cost of these services outweigh the costs of over the counter products that don't work well or at all. As an investor, I look for the "rate of return". I get instant results for a longer period of time.

I am also going to do a CO2 Laser right after the Holidays.. I'm excited about this! For anyone contemplating having any work done, go to Beautologie. You will not be disappointed. I travel the nation and I have access to the best. Beautologie is the best of the best. I hope if you are reading this, you felt my sincere appreciation for Beautologie and you schedule a consultation today."