"The minute that I decided to call in I was welcomed with a really friendly environment. I was able to make my appointment, get in pretty quickly and the results are amazing."

The minute that I decided to call in I knew Beautologie was special. The girls who answer the phone are so helpful and nice. I was able to make a convenient appointment that fit into my busy schedule, this meant a lot to me!

When I went in for my consultation with Dr. Milan Shah it was such a warm and friendly environment. I was welcomed in with the girls standing up to shake my hand. It was really nice that they go the extra mile to make sure you feel comfortable. They answered all my questions and I felt really at ease.

I wanted natural looking results. We all have seen magazine covers of celebrities who went overboard and I knew that was something I wanted to avoid. Dr. Shah and his nurses assured me they take extra care with the right amount of product and special techniques, that I would have really natural looking results.

Dr. Shah was welcoming and friendly from the very moment that he stepped into the treatment room and he answered all my questions that I had so I never felt nervous at all. I knew everything that he was going to be doing what the product was going to do so it was really nice how they prepare you and keep you informed the whole time.

I actually wasn't really nervous about coming in, I was more excited to have the procedure and actually start seeing the results. I had Dysport® Wrinkle Relaxer done and I noticed results right away and the results got even more noticeable over the next few days. I looked more youthful and had a smooth, glowing complexion. There was no bruising, real pain or anything else. Just this amazing glow and softness where I had it done at. I love my results and the process was easier than I had thought!

I know maintaining the results and preventing new wrinkles is something that is going to be so easy with Beautologie. They are helpful with communicating with busy people and use phone, email, texting and even chatting online to help me with appointments and reminders.

I've referred everyone I know to Beautologie. Lots of my friends and family and all my friends on Facebook and everyone at work. I can't wait for my next appointment!