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Beautologie prides itself in supporting the communities we work in. One of our core missions is to be an active member of the community, and to give back. Beautologie not only supports local charities every chance it gets, but we also are proud to have the Beautologie Helps program that helps local residents with reconstructive surgery when they cannot afford it. Our charitable activities are our way to give back to Bakersfield, Fresno, and Southern California and say thank you for supporting us.

tattoo removal

Beautologie's Tattoo Removal Helps Sex Trafficking Survivor.

Sex Trafficking Survivor gets her tattoo removed by Beautologie.

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more on tattoo removal

Beautologie continues its support to help sex trafficking victims.

Beautologie teams up with The United Way to remove tattoos of former victims of human trafficking

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lastly on tattoo removal

Beautologie helps remove tattoo "brands" from sex trafficking victims.

Beautologie teams up with Breaking the Chains to remove tatoo "brands" from victims of sex trafficking.

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typhoon relief

Beautologie Donates to Philippines Typhoon Relief

Beautologie donated a portion of December profits to the American Red Cross to help with their Typhoon Relief in the Philippines.

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youth softball sponsor

Struggling youth softball league gets a big surprise

The East Belle Terrace Park was built especially for the South of the tracks softball league. The kids there live in tough neighborhoods and are considered at-risk. The league is a safe alternative for children who may otherwise be roaming the streets.

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thanks giving delivery

Dr Shah and Staff Give back in the 2010 Holiday Season to Bakersfield's Homeless and Needy

2010 was a rough year for many in Bakersfield, with the highest unemployment rate in California and one of the worst local economy situations in America. But Dr Shah and the staff at Beautologie gave back this year supporting the Bakersfield Homeless Shelter and the Bakersfield Housing Authority with generous donations and physical help.

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relay for life

2010 American Society Relay for Life of Bakersfield

Beautologie becomes bronze level sponsor for American Cancer Society.

scar revison

Update - Dr. Shah performs scar revisions for local woman in need

A Bakersfield woman's plastic surgery nightmare has been turned into a dream come true. That's after a local cosmetic surgeon saw her story on 17 News and offered to help.

follow up story

17 Investigation Follow-up: Local doctor offers to help plastic surgery patient

On 17News we told you about a local woman who says a Bakersfield plastic surgeon butchered her body. For more than a year, Louise Lopez has lived the scars and the pain. But a local doctor has come forward, and offered to help her... for free.

homeless shelter

Homeless Center 2007

Our Thanksgiving event at the Bakersfield Homeless Center this year was a huge success!

dr shah out of country

Dr. Shah performs surgeries for third world nations that cannot afford adequate medical care

Dr. Shah loves to perform cleft lip and burn surgeries for third world nations that cannot afford adequate medical care.

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relay for life story
homless shelter story
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