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Beautologie is offering a new non-surgical treatment called NuForm™ that provides a "prep and pamper" option for patients looking to improve their appearance with little to no downtime. The treatment uses a combination of advanced skin tightening and body contouring technologies to help patients achieve their desired results without surgery.

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Are you looking to get Red Carpet Ready? Beautologie has an amazing NU treatment that may just be right for you! NuForm™ combines four state of the art modalities to deliver you stunning results from head to toe. With little to no downtime, NuForm™ incorporates the deep radiant power of Venus Viva™, with the magnetic pulses and the radio frequency of Venus Freeze™, along with lymphatic massage and tissue smoothing application of Endermologie together with the chilling collagen enhancing Cryotherapy!

First, we start with the face and neck to deliver nano-fractioned radio frequency waves deep into the dermal layer of the skin. These energy pulses literally wake up your collagen production! Our goal is to tighten the lax skin of the face and neck to give you an astounding new glow. Venus Viva™ works to smooth lines and wrinkles, improve the jowls, tighten the eyelids, also firm the neck altogether. It can also help even out skin tone and texture by improving pores, acne scars, and sun damage. We will ensure your treatment is as comfortable as possible by applying a topical numbing cream enhanced with facial cooling which allows for discomfort to be at a minimum. Within just a few short days patients will see a marked improvement of their skin. The healthy new glow will begin to shine through!

Venus viva®

Thereafter we begin with the second part of the treatment with our highly sought after Venus Freeze™ treatment! Venus Freeze™ combines the power of magnetic pulses and multipolar radiofrequency to not only tighten skin but also shrink fat cells. Whether it is a little loose skin around the belly one wants to firm up, or a waistline that needs to be trimmed, a bra-role that has been a problem area, or even buttocks that need a little lift, the Venus Freeze™ is versatile enough to target any one of these areas. Simply discuss with your practitioner which area concerns you and we will concentrate on giving you the desired results you are looking for.

Venus Freeze®

We then have you change into an Endermologie® suit which provides the maximum benefit and comfort for the third part of the treatment. Endermologie® is a time tested technology that improves cellulite, firms the skin, provides lymphatic drainage and helps to contour the body. The mechanical stimulation provided by the patented LPG Endermologie® device helps to further reactive your collagen and break down fatty adhesions that cause the orange peel texture in the skin. In fact, some patients describe the sensations as a deep tissue massage!


Finally, if you have any retained heat, areas that need a little more work or you just need a great pick me up - we finish your treatment with an invigorating Cryotherapy Facial. This helps to detox and rejuvenate the skin. Patients see a restored firmness immediately after the treatment. The Cryotherapy Facial will also soothe inflammation plus improve pore size and skin texture.

Cryo Facial

With NuForm™ you will be sure to be Red Carpet Ready! If you are looking to improve the fit of your amazing new dress or achieve a flawless complexion you have dreamed of, NuForm™ treatments will help you obtain that desire! Patients have the option to come in for a series of treatments to maximize their results or if looking for a quick boost for an event the combination of the four power-packed modalities will provide maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time! Meet with one of our aesthetic providers at Beautologie to discover if NuForm™ is right for you!

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What is NuForm™?

NuForm™ is a non-surgical treatment that uses a combination of four state of the art modalities to help patients achieve their desired results.

What are the benefits of using NuForm™?

NuForm™ can provide a range of benefits for the skin, including improving texture and tone, shrink fat cells, improves cellulite, provides lymphatic drainage, helps to contour the body, detoxify and rejuvenate the skin.

Who can benefit from four modalities of NuForm™?

It can benefit a variety of individuals, including: 1) Individuals seeking skin tightening; 2) People with wrinkles, fine lines and acne scars; 3) Individuals with Skin Conditions; 4) Individuals with stretch marks; 5) Those with body contouring goals; 6) Individuals seeking cellulite reduction; 7) Beauty and Anti-Aging Seekers; 8) People seeking skin rejuvenation; and 9) People with localized fat deposits.

What is NuForm™?
What are the benefits of using NuForm™?
Who can benefit from four modalities of NuForm™?

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