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What is the difference between botox cosmetic and dysport

BOTOX Cosmetic and Dysport (pronounced diss-port) are actually very similar products in how they work, the essential ingredients, and their duration of action.  BOTOX Cosmetic has been FDA approved in the United States longer than Dysport™ and has been used for cosmetic purposes for about 10 years.  BOTOX™ Cosmetic is a name that most people know and trust.  Dysport ™ may be new in the U.S. (on the market since April, 2009), but it has been battling BOTOX™ Cosmetic head to head in Europe and elsewhere for several years.

The main active ingredient for Dysport™, and for BOTOX™ Cosmetic, is a refined form of the botulinum toxin type A. This toxin acts as a neuromuscular blocker that inhibits muscle tension and spasming, which can create the appearance of facial wrinkles in the forehead, crow’s feet around the eyes, and creases near the corners of the mouth. BOTOX™ Cosmetic injections and Dysport™ injections are actually injected into facial muscles beneath the skin’s surface. The refined toxin relaxes facial muscles, and causes the skin surface to smooth out as a result.


What’s Causing an Uptick in Facial Plastic Surgery? Selfies!

It’s estimated that, in 2013, one and four people were using social media around the world and a large percentage of those users were young women and men.  What’s perhaps more staggering is a recent claim by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) that social networks like Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat are causing a recent uptick in facial plastic surgery procedures.

Recently, the AAFPRS disclosed that 1 in 3 plastic surgeons have seen a spike in requests for facial plastic surgeries due to “selfies”; self-portraits usually taken with camera phones that are then posted to social media sites.  Selfies have become so popular that a Google search for “take perfect selfie” yields 121,000,000 results that include in-depth articles, blogger tips, and even video tutorials on YouTube.


laser hair removal
Tired of Shaving? Laser Hair Removal May Be the Best Solution

The expert providers at Dr. Shah & Associates use the Lightsheer Diode Laser Hair Removal System, the gold standard in laser hair removal.  This specific laser targets hair for a permanent result, with little to no pain. During these treatments, targeted flashes of light will be applied to your skin to prevent the regeneration of hair follicles and you may feel a snapping or pinching sensation or minor discomfort.  After your session, your skin may appear a little red or swollen; this is normal and will only last a few hours.

Unlike electrolysis where only small areas of skin can be targeted, the Lightsheer treatments target numerous hair follicles at once, allowing our practitioners to cover large areas of skin quite effectively.  Once your session is complete, the unwanted hair that has been bothering you will be gone!  In fact, it’s reported that 90% of people achieve permanent hair loss just after 3 to 5 treatments.


Sculptra™ - $100 off your first treatment* - Our newest, long lasting facial injectable!

Dysport™ - $4 per unit* - Relax frown lines with our popular wrinkle relaxer.

Laser Hair Removal - Save $50 on your 1st session* - Experience our safe, comfortable and effective Lumenis™ Laser.

*You must bring in a copy of this ad. *Cannot be combined with other specials. *Applies to future treatments only. *Doctor must determine you are an acceptable candidate. *Expires September 30th, 2014.


Be-Rejuvenated anti-aging serum - A blend of hydroxy acids and antioxidants to refresh and nourish skin cells to reveal your most luminous skin!  $55.00


Be-Radiant bio-peptide creme - A performance blend of cutting-edge nutrients, antioxidants and soothing botanicals to nourish, protect and hydrate for your healthiest skin.  $70.00



Beautolgoie Doctors and Staff want to wish you a happy Labor Day!
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