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1410 KERN's Inga Barks Tummy Tuck Testimonial

What was your primary motivation for undergoing this procedure?

At five foot tall, the 65lbs I gained with my twins took it's toll on every part of my body. But the only part that refused to bounce back was my stomach. You can do sit ups forever, sister, and that skin isn't going anyware!

Working in radio, you would think looks don't matter as much as the voice. But looks do matter. I was often the only female talk host at important events such as political conventions and the very exclusive White House Radio day in D.C.. There I would be, doing interviews of a lifetime (The Vice President of the United States, Karl Rove, congressmen and world leaders) and in every photo of these interviews I am doing my best to hide my stomach! (I have photos to prove it) You would think I'd have been more interested in the interview. But it truth, all I could think about was that pooch that wouldn't go away.

What was your experience with Beautologie & Dr. Shah?

It's been almost three months since I had my tummy tuck by Doctor Shah. He took personal interest and care for me. He phoned me on Christmas to see how I was doing! He nagged me to rest. He took my late night calls with silly questions. You see, Dr. Shah was as invested in my success as I was!

How do you feel about your decision?

I'm still healing, but I have never felt better. I can't wait to interview the next world leader. I'll finally be free to concentrate on the questions, not my pooch. Whatever pain or discomfort from surgery has been well worth it. But I would not do it again without Dr. Shah. Which reminds me…….Dr. Shah…… about some laser therapy? You'd hate for me to interview the president and be distracted by my crows feeds, would you? or, OH! my legs, can we fix them?

I love Dr. Shah. He's not a doctor, he's a relationship.

Content written and approved by Darshan Shah, MD Plastic Surgeon.